The film “Munira” at The International Exile Film Festival in Gothenburg

20 Sep, 2011 |
“Munira”, The International Exile Film Festival in Gothenburg

“Munira”, The International Exile Film Festival in Gothenburg

Sunday, October 9, 2011 | at 16:30 | Hagabion room 2

The film portrait of Munira Subašić is a unique film story about a remarkable Bosnian woman.

Her modest everyday life, filled with love, was changed over the night and it leads her to a new, unknown world where, despite all obstacles, she finds her way.

Munira Subašić symbolizes ten thousand women who survived the genocide in Srebrenica, as well as other Bosnian women. The war took her away into the world, unprepared and unexpectedly.

Searching for truth and justice, with an honest desire and firm will, without any fear or doubts, she became First Lady of the Balkans and a moral authority; a spontaneously chosen leader of thousands of people.

Bosnian woman, a housewife, became a diplomat, president and a representative. Cooking was replaced with meetings and common people with world famous diplomats, presidents, ambassadors and prime ministers.

What happens when life takes control over a man? What happens when “the small and insignificant” find themselves among “the big and important”? What happens when Bosnian stubbornness awakes in a Bosnian woman? The film offers answers to these and many other questions. It presents Munira Subašić and the secrets of her life.

Slovenia 2010 | Documentary | 55 min | Slovenian | English text

Director: Rudi Uran

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