Terms and conditions for Comments

24 Oct, 2011 |
The judge’ gavel

The judge’ gavel

It is possible to make your voice heard on bhkrf.se by writing a short comment in direct connection to selected articles.

The main rule for any kind of participation is simple

Show respect for people who appear in articles and on other comments or participate in a discussion.

How we want it to work
  • Contributions have a friendly, civilized tone and stick to the subject.
  • We value a rapid and straight speech, so the comments in direct connection to the articles shall be a maximum of 1 000 characters.
  • The language of the comment should match the language of the page (English or Swedish/Danish/ Norwegian or Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian).
  • Links are accepted, but it leads to an inappropriate or irrelevant content they picked out.
Things we want to avoid
  • Details that may offend relatives or interested persons.
  • Comments on the ethnic group, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, profession or religion if it is irrelevant in this context.
  • Generalizations and sweeping terms.
  • Profanity or obscene words.
  • Messages that deviate from the subject.
  • Incomprehensible units and nonsens.
  • Personal attacks or defamatory remarks.
  • Commercial message.
  • Pornographic, racist or sexist opinions.
  • Threats, harassment, slander or lies.
  • Invitations to the crime or else violates American law.
  • Unauthorized publication of copyrighted material.
How comments are monitored
  • The editorial supervises comments and will gradually remove inappropriate posts. If you find inappropriate speech, you can say it for the editor by notifying the post.
  • Comment function is provided and monitored in accordance with the Act on Responsibility for Electronic Bulletin Boards (SFS 1998:112). This means, inter alia, that the person making a speech that is contrary to law may be personally liable for this.
  • The editorial read regular posts and delete posts that break the law or our rules. We can choose to delete individual posts or complete closure of the opportunity to comment on certain articles. A user who repeatedly violate our rules may be turned off completely from the possibility to participate.

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