Listening to the Women of Bosnia

5 Oct, 2011 |
Listening to the Women of Bosnia

Listening to the Women of Bosnia

New York University will host “Listening to the Women of Bosnia,” a screening and book presentation on the Bosnian genocide.

Date: Monday, October 17, 7-9 p.m.

Place: NYU’s Cantor Film Center, 36 E. 8th St. (at University Place)

The event’s speakers include:

The evening will include a screening of Hogan’s “I Came to Testify,” the story of how a group of 16 women who had been imprisoned and raped by Serb-led forces in the Bosnian town of Foca stepped forward to take the witness stand in an international court of law.

“I Came to Testify” is part of PBS’s five-part series, “Women, War & Peace,” which premieres in October.

In addition, participants will discuss Leydesdorff’s “Surviving the Bosnian Genocide: The Women of Srebrenica Speak” (2011), an account of the July 1995 Srebrenica killings by the Army of the Serbian Republic.

Srebrenica had been designated a “safe area” by the U.N. and was ostensibly under the protection of Dutch soldiers. Leydesdorff’s work is composed of interviews with female survivors of the Srebrenica massacre.

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