Bosnia and Herzegovina Women’s Association in Sweden (BHKRF) is the leading Bosnian women’s association outside Bosnia and Herzegovina.

BHKRF’s Human Trafficking conference 2010 (Photo: Haris T.)

BHKRF’s Human Trafficking conference 2010 (Photo: Haris T.)

BHKRF is a non-profit, non-political organization that unites woman associations and sections from separate regions or similar organization forms. Each association or section is in principal independent in its work so it satisfies member’s wishes and needs and it is in agreement with BHKRF’s common established principals and regulations. Our most important issues are: integration into Swedish society, sexual equality, children related issues, cultural activities, collaboration with other Swedish associations.

According to BHKRF’s regulations, all the people (men, women and children), regardless of their history, religion or gender, willing to participate and contribute to our work, are welcome to become our members.

Work within regions is coordinates by head committee for women, containing by eleven: president, vice president, activity coordinator, five deputy coordinators (East, West, South, North and district Skaraborg), and three committee chairs (the Committee for Democracy, the Culture Committee and the Committee for humanitarian aid).

BHKRF is grounded 1998 and according to the planned association schedule for year 2020 there is total of 28 working unions (associations, sections, districts, centres and others) including 2 145 paying members.


BHKRF have successfully carried out several projects in the recent years, including Women’s power, Human Trafficking, E-Democracy (The contribution to an electronic democratic society), The Light in the Tunnel – Women Against Violence, To teach men about gender equality and Immigrant women on the road to an equal society (2014/2015) supported by the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society and in collaboration with the Educational Association of the sobriety movement NBV.

Magazine “Žena/Kvinna/Woman”

This is the first Bosnian women magazine outside the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first issue was published in April 1999.

Žena/Kvinna/Woman Online

Žena/Kvinna/Woman Online

We have published 59 issues so far. You can read about: actual events about woman and family worldwide, BHKRF’s activities, beauty and health, culture and so on. Magazine publishes 2–3 times/year in 1 000 copies in Bosnian and partially Swedish language.


BHKRF is a member of The United Nations Association of Sweden (December 2009), The Educational Association of the Sobriety movement, NBV, (11 June 2011) and The Swedish Women’s Lobby, SWL, (16 November 2013). We have a very good collaboration with some Swedish associations such as Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society and other associations and unions. We are also collaborating with communities (municipalities) and other organizations through our local society associations.

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